This week at Roscosmos (Title in Russian “Roscosmos: Highlights of the Week”) (5 May 2023): We are wrapping up the first week of May with Space News! Today in the digest:   ▪️ open space: Nauka was equipped with an airlock; ▪️ ROS is like a springboard to the Moon: visiting meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Energia; Where does water come from on the moon? as well as new models of natural satellite evolution ▪️ new “Orlans”: cosmonauts will be brought a batch of spacesuits for exits   …and that’s not it! Limited collection of clothes and souvenirs in honor of the 65th anniversary of the start of the space age: Order clothes with space prints from CosmoMerch: Space collaboration DNK Russia and Roskosmos:;;;;; #roscosmos #roscosmos