Big Space Live 90 – 28 Oct. 2022 LIVE Broadcast at 16:00 Moscow Time:;
Roskosmos TV sums up the informational results of the working week!
“Big Space” is a program about the most interesting events and people
of Russian cosmonautics!
Prospective Summary:
→ Details of the launch of the Progress MS-21 truck from Baikonur on October 26 and the first launch on oil from Vostochny (3 Gonets-M and Skif-D spacecraft, the first satellite for Sfera);
→ the first open recruitment for the cosmonaut corps is 10 years old, a story about those who are now in orbit / the Plasma Crystal-4
and Ikarus experiments;
→ footage of a partial solar eclipse on October 25 from the Russian hydrometeorological satellite Elektro-L No. 3 in GSO;
→ the results of the meeting in Yaroslavl of the interdepartmental commission on the use of the results of space activities
in the interests of the Russian economy (primarily remote sensing);
→ training of cosmonaut candidates in weightlessness on the Il-76MDK laboratory aircraft;
→ 55 years of the world’s first automatic docking of two spacecraft. Guest in the studio: Igor Marinin, Deputy. editor-in-chief of the Russian Space magazine;
→ international news from Pro Cosmos media;
→ traditional review “objects of the Universe”.
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