The Plandemic documentary series is one of the most viewed (more than one billion views) and most censored documentaries ever made.
Plandemic doesn’t stand for a “planned pandemic” but for a “plan for the people” based on the latin word demic that translates to people.
Plandemic Indoctornation holds the world-record for the largest live stream premiere of a documentary film with 1,900,000 unique viewers.

David E. Martin (National Intelligence Analyst, Founder of NYSE IQ100 Index): We know that Anthony Fauci, that Ralph Baric, the CDC, and a long list of people who wanted to take credit for inventing corona virus were at the hub of this story. From 2003 to 2018 they controlled 100% of the cash flow that built the empire around the industrial complex of corona virus.

*Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): The WHO is the organization granted exclusive power to guide and protect the health of humanity. The WHO is sustained by private donations the bulk of which are made by pharmaceutical and biotech corporations who have a vested financial interest in the organization’s support.

*Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): In 2017, the AP reported that the WHO routinely spends about $200 million a year on travel expenses, more than what it spends to fight some of the biggest problems of public health including AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.

title card: Those who tell the stories rule society – Plato.

*Bill Gates: [giving a TED talk in 2015] If we start now, we can be ready for the next outbreak.

*Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): In 1986 president Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, granting total immunity to vaccine manufacturers. After a decade of lawsuits related to vaccine injuries and deaths, vaccine makers were going bankrupt. In a move to coerce policy makers, vaccine companies threatened to stop making vaccines until they could be legally shielded from liability. To this day, when someone is injured or killed as a result of an adverse reaction, it is the US taxpayers who pay for the damages.

Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): Thanks to Mr. Rockefeller, the architect of American monopolies, no industry has more power over our lives than big pharma.

female voice: Alexa! Who is Dr. Judy Mikovits?

alexa: According to Wikipedia, Judy Anne Mikovits is a former American research scientist who is known for her discredited medical claims. She has been described as an anti-vaccination activist and a promoter of conspiracy theories, and has been accused of scientific misconduct.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID director since 1984): [in 2017] There is no question that there will be a surprise outbreak.

Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): If you had the power to immediately fix whatever’s wrong with our medical system, where would you start?

Meryl Nass, M.D. (Physician, Researcher, Writer): Conflicts of interest. About 40 or 50 years ago pharmaceutical CEOs actually went to jail if they knowingly sold a bad product and conceiled information about the problems. Since then, all they have done is paid fines. And so, selling a product and conceiling information about it is OK, because paying the fine is considered the cost of doing business. How did the pharmaceutical industry come to capture the rest of the medical industry? It’s because they have so much money, to bribe the NIAID, the CDC, the FDA, the professional associations, the journals, the medical schools, and everyone else.

Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): Every year, the pharmaceutical industry spends at least twice the amount that big oil does to influence influence laws, policy, and public perception.

Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): In summary, most ‘independent’ fact checkers are neither independent nor factual. Simply put, they are political spin machines.

Zach Vorhies (Google Whistelblower & Engineer): The blacklists is something that Google said didn’t exist. And they testified that under oath. Now me, as an engineer, I just did a search on Google’s internal search engine and guess what I’ve got. It had blacklisted search terms like ‘cancer cure’.

Zach Vorhies (Google Whistelblower & Engineer): Why is Google deciding what people can and can not search for?

Mikki Willis (Investigative Filmmaker): In 1979, the world the world decided that we needed the Bayh-Dole Act because we needed to reform our patent system.

David E. Martin (National Intelligence Analyst, Founder of NYSE IQ100 Index): And one of the modifications was that we allowed recipients of federal funding to patent and retain economic interest in the research that the public paid for. You get a $5 million grant from the tax-payer, and then you get to charge the tax-payer a premium for the technology they paid to develop.

Mikki Willis(Investigative Filmmaker): On May 4th, 2020, as part of a series called “Plandemic,” I released an interview featuring science whistle-blower Dr. Judy Mikovits. The interview received fierce backlash for spreading what the media declared “dangerous conspiracy theories.” As a father and veteran media producer, there is no way I would release harmful information to the world during a moment as vulnerable as now. I had known Dr. Judy for two years before filming her interview. I read her book, and thoroughly researched and vetted her story. After interviewing her legal team, former colleagues, and people who have known her for decades, one thing I can say without questions: Judy Mikovits is one of the most honest, caring, and courageous women I have ever known.

David E. Martin (National Intelligence Analyst, Founder of NYSE IQ100 Index): I don’t have to remind many Americans that the CDC was the one that said you should use DDT in your homes.

David E. Martin (National Intelligence Analyst, Founder of NYSE IQ100 Index): The Bayh-Dole Act act failed the American people, because rather than stand on the shoulders of giants, we now kneel at the feet of greed.