SLS vs Starship: Why does SLS still exist? NASA just announced the lunar landers for the Artemis program and to everyone’s surprise, SpaceX’s MASSIVE Starship is actually one of the landers NASA chose alongside Blue Origin and Dynetics. And this is bringing up a lot of questions, some of which we’ll answer in my next video, “Should NASA just cancel SLS and use Starship and / or other commercial launchers for Artemis?”. But today I think we need to settle a lot of debates here first about these two rockets and now more than ever, it’s time we truly pit them head to head.

Part II – Artemis VS Apollo HERE –

00:00 – Intro
05:50 – What Makes a Vehicle a Super Heavy Lift Launcher
09:00 – The History of SLS and Orion
18:05 – The Progress and Inventory of SLS/Orion and Starship
27:30 – The Philosophies of Starship and SLS
34:55 – Starship VS SLS
41:50 – Conclusion

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