NASA Explorers (s05e01) These are our explorers. They’re the people who will get us to the Moon, collect Moon rocks, deliver them to Earth safely, and ensure that we can study them for years to come. On episode one of “NASA Explorers: Artemis Generation,” meet astronaut Jessica Watkins, engineer Adam Naids, Moon rock curator Julie Mitchell, and astrobiologist Jose Aponte. They each had a different path to NASA, from conducting hazardous kitchen chemistry experiments in Lima, Peru, to exploring the Louisiana Bayou, to dissecting a cow’s eye in a science program in Colorado. Each person is a vital part of NASA’s goal to conduct science on the Moon’s surface.
Series Executive Producers:
Katy Mersmann/Lauren Ward
Season Producers:
Lonnie Shekhtman,
Stephanie Sipila,
James Tralie,
Molly Wasser.
Explorers: Jose Aponte/Natalie Curran/Julie Mitchell/Adam Naids/Noah Petro/Kelsey Young/Jessica Watkins
a. “Blackbird” by Magnum Opus
b. “Optimistic Attitude 1” by Joel Goodman and Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno
c. “By the Moonlit Lake” by Mark Choi
d. “Beside You” by Dominic Marsh and Giovanni Tria
e. “Playground Intrigue” by Brice Davoli
f. “Momentous” by Le Fat Club and Olivier Grim
Credit: NASA #NASAExplorers #Artemis #NASA