Roskosmos TV sums up the informational results of the working week! “Big Space” is a program about the most interesting events and people of Russian cosmonautics! – Episode 83. – 9 Sept. 2022.


00:00 – the beginning of the program;
02:48 – the results of the spacewalk on September 2;
04:50 – General on the East. The plot of Vlad Mironov;
09:00 — Hydrogen will be supplied to Vostochny. Agreement between the Khrunichev Center and Rusatom Overseas;
09:44 — Roscosmos at the Eastern Economic Forum. Story by Sergei Tyurin;
12:45 — On September 5, the ISS-68 crews arrived at Baikonur. The plot of Yulia Deryabina;
16:16 – interview with NASA astronaut Frank Rubio;
18:54 – seeing off Anna Kikina in the USA;
21:26 – guest in the studio – Ilya Menshchikov, winner of the “Leaders of Russia” contest, art. Researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry;
26:12 — the new portal of Roscosmos will tell about the changes visible from space in Russia and the world;
27:09 – the development of a new promising spacecraft “Express-AMU4” was started by the companies “ISS named after Reshetnev” and “Space Communications”;
29:00 – interview with Evgeny Nesterov, General Director of ISS im. Reshetnev”;
31:04 – review of international news. In the studio — Alexander Baulin, editor-in-chief of the Pro Space media;
36:31 — The All-Russian Career Guidance Forum “Proektoriya” was held in Yaroslavl. The plot of Anna Shentseva. On the site “Key to start. Space for children “you can watch the current events: ;
39:12 – rating of astrophotos and the traditional review of Nikolai Vdovin “objects of the Universe”.

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