In the times of constant disagreement on environmental issues, Teslafy Me documentary is showing how one person gained deep insights into the laws of nature to be able to develop his inventions. Without his inventions, we could not imagine our everyday lives, today. Nikola Tesla showed us how our civilization should walk hand in hand with nature and not against it.

Nikola Tesla was not only a paramount figure of the last century due to his inventions, which we are using everyday without even knowing of him or his name. He was also a key person playing an important role in the development of renewable energy systems. His invention when fully realized would make a complete difference, allowing life in harmony with nature on our planet and would prevent climate changes that we are facing in today.

As we are facing the time of unbalanced nature and in that time the scientists around the world are looking for new solutions for our future, it is important to understand what Nikola Tesla wanted to bring us through his inventions and discoveries. The story is an exploration of Tesla’s deeper vision through his work and life.

Nikola Tesla, one of history’s greatest minds, spent his entire life inventing a more comfortable and connected life on our planet. In the 1900s, he predicted the way we live now: AC power system, remote control, wireless communication, TV, the Internet, cell phones, video communication, and much more are his inventions. The storyline shows how the ups and downs of the inventor’s personal life influenced his discoveries and the public’s understanding of his inventions, and how these elements combined to shape the evolution of mankind. Teslafy Me focuses on the present time. Through Tesla’s inventions that we are using today, we are discovering and researching the history of Tesla’s life and his way of thinking and seeing the world. He was able to visualize his inventions in his mind fully functioning before materializing them using experiments just to shape them to perfection.

The documentary follows his inventions until the most futuristic one and that is the wireless power transmission of energy. We are discovering how Tesla came to this invention and also how he envisioned it to work. Our documentary asks: Can Tesla’s ideas be used to bring awareness for environmental issues thus preventing further destruction of the planet?

Nikola Tesla said: “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”