Best Space Station Science Images of 2022 – NASA Johnson – Dec 28, 2022- The International Space Station continues its scientific journey orbiting over 200 miles above the Earth’s surface. This past year, spacecraft carried crew from around the world to and from the space station, where they participated in and supported hundreds of scientific investigations and technology demonstrations. From deploying CubeSats to studying fluid dynamics in space, the orbiting lab expanded its legacy of science and discovery for the benefit of humanity. Look back at some of the best photos of breakthrough science the crew members conducted in 2022:;;;; Join NASA as we go forward to the Moon and on to Mars — discover the latest on Earth, the Solar System and beyond with a weekly update in your inbox. Subscribe at: – Music title Aquarius – Full Length / Instrumental-14494, Composed by Fred Dubois, SACEM, Album: KOK-2537 – Orchestra Repetita 4 – Majestic, Modern & Minimalis