Vaccines Induced – Synopsis: Shaun Mulldoon is an avid cycler, loving husband and caring father. After his vaccine injury Shaun was impassioned to spread awareness of vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). He has spoken at events and at one point contemplated chaining himself to City Hall. It was impossible to show the extent of what Shaun and his family are going through, but we are grateful that we could help amplify his story.
Why make the film?
Vaccine injury is real. The announcement that young children would be given the Covid-19 vaccine, convicted filmmaker Robert Bailey to produce Vaccine Induced. The documentary chronicles Shaun’s journey from trusting Covid vaccines to a near death experience with life long complications. The now censored Vaccine Induced put a face to a statistic, and proclaims vaccine injury is real.
God’s Plan
Robert happened to sit beside Shaun Mulldoon at a Doctors on Tour event in WhiteRock BC. Shaun wasn’t scheduled to speak, but the host mistakenly thought he had brought a friend for support and offered the stage. Shaun has amazing resilience and honesty, he spoke of of his vaccine injuries and the importance of informed consent. Robert took a leap of faith and followed God’s prompting to produce Vaccine Induced. A story of government trust, Vaccine injury and family.
Throughout the process of making this film, God’s hand was on it. Thank you to the amazing people that lent their time, resources and connections to make this a success. All glory to God for helping us through. This was an extreme exercise in faith.
Director Producer DOP Editor.
This was a mission from God. Robert Bailey was morally compelled to make Vaccine Induced. Babies’ injections were on the way and the clock was ticking. Robert stayed with family, financing the film and living off of what would have been a house down payment. Making this project happen as a one man band was all-consuming, he hopes it can help.
Tell the world. Vaccine injuries are real, there are risks. #vaccineinduced