Will You Join the Rebel-lion? Shop now: http://www.rebellionthreads.com – As most of you know, I’ve refused to profit from the Plandemic brand. The ongoing series and even my book will always be free to the people. As much as I love this model, it’s simply not sustainable. It was time to create something that would not only allow us to stay in business, but would also add value to your life.

Introducing, REBEL-LION! Or, depending how you look at it, REBELLION.

While the name is open to interpretation, the mission is set in stone. Rebel Lion is dedicated to innovating critical solutions. It all started with this question – “What are some of the most urgent solvable issues we’re facing right now?” Near the top of a very long list of answers were – CENSORSHIP and HEALTH.

Due to the rollout of untested drugs, we’re already seeing the effects of compromised immune systems. People are getting sick now more than ever. You’ve likely noticed this yourself. Thankfully, my job allows me access to top doctors and scientists.

I reached out to the most qualified to ask this question: “is there a formula that has yet to be created that will not just support natural immunity, but that will repair, rebalance and bulletproof our natural immunity?” After a year of research and development, we are just a few weeks away from launching our flagship solution, Fierce Immunity. Stay tuned for more on that as well.

To address the censorship issue, we’ve created Rebel Lion Threads!

Speaking truth is our most potent defense against the forces of propaganda, hence their unprecedented, relentless effort to silence us. Technocrats have taken control of our public square. They now determine what we can and cannot say, yet we wear their logos like walking billboards. Somehow, it’s become fashionable to promote corporate monopolies, most of which use sweatshop slaves to produce their subpar products.

It is time for REBELLION!

I’m delighted to announce that Rebel Lion Threads is now officially open for business! We sourced the very best manufacturers and materials to design a high-end line of bold and beautiful SHIRTS, HOODIES and HATS. With sizes ranging from infants to adults, they make the perfect gifts for anyone who cares about LOVE, TRUTH and FREEDOM.

Our motto at Rebel Lion Threads is – IF YOU CAN’T SAY IT, WEAR IT!

This apparel line goes far beyond making a fashion statement. Each shirt, hoodie and hat is a declarations of sanity and sovereignty. Something very cool happens when you wear these powerful words out in the world. They are catalysts for rich conversations and new friends. All the thumbs up, high fives and smiles reminds you you’re not alone.

Also, don’t miss our new line of Plandemic movie apparel!

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering a serious holiday discount just for you. Order now until Midnight November 30th and save 20%! At checkout, simply use the discount code “HEARMEROAR.”

Join the REBELLION. Go to RebelLionThreads.com

Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest of Hollidays!

–Mikki Willis