Roskosmos TV sums up the informational results of the working week! “Big Space” is a program about the most interesting events and people of Russian cosmonautics!Episode 84. September 16 live:

00:00 – the beginning of the program;
02:24 — The President of the Russian Federation awarded state awards to a number of employees of RSC Energia and ISS Reshetnev;
03:09 — the crews of Expedition 68 to the ISS performed a control inspection of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft;
04:30 – prelaunch preparation at Baikonur;
05:06 — astronauts who go on a flight planted seedlings on the “Cosmonauts Alley” for the first time
05:46 — Soyuz MS-21: getting ready to return to Earth;
06:34 — specialists of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences estimated the dose of radiation exposure to which astronauts are exposed to on the ISS;
07:20 — news from Vostochny: the Fregat upper stage is being prepared for refueling;
08:17 – Vacuum tests of the Progress MS-21 spacecraft began at Baikonur;
08:35 — production of liquid oxygen and nitrogen resumed at Baikonur;
08:57 – Roscosmos satellites observe red tides in Primorye;
09:50 – satellite images from the Kanopus-V spacecraft became the basis for monitoring the dynamics of “red tides in the Amur Bay;
10:22 – guest in the studio – Alexei Aistov, superfinalist of the “Leaders of Russia” contest;
15:24 – all components of the full-size mock-up of the Angara-A5 heavy-class launch vehicle (Angara-NZh, ground-based liquid) were delivered to the final assembly shop of the Polet software;
16:09 — announcement of a new issue of debriefing;
20:01 — MIT Corporation presented the hydraulic fracturing fleet;
20:07 — A seminar dedicated to 35 years of the total work of Russian scientific instruments for the exploration of Mars was held at the IKI RAS. The plot of Yulia Deryabina;
27:35 – review of international news. In the studio — Sergey Maltsev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Pro Kosmos media;
33:06 – exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky. The plot of Anna Shentseva. More details at the link: ;
35:53 – rating of astrophotos and the traditional review of Nikolai Vdovin “objects of the Universe”.

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