Big space live – 86 – Roscosmos TV (30 Sept 2022)
Roskosmos TV sums up the informational results of the working week!
“Big Space” is a program about the most interesting events and people of Russian cosmonautics!
Episode Summary & Chronology:
00:00 – start of the broadcast;
02:30 – return of the crew of the ship “S.P. Korolev (Soyuz MS-21);
04:45 – soloists of the Uma2rman group arrived in Star City to meet the crew of the Soyuz MS-21 spacecraft;
06:00 – the new crew has already got used to the station and is conducting experiments on the ISS;
07:28 – a commission of representatives of the space agencies of the ISS project partner countries officially approved the flight of the Crew-5 crew with Roscosmos cosmonaut Anna Kikina on the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft;
08:31 — Russia and China signed contracts for the deployment of GLONASS and Beidou stations;
09:26 — Russia and Belarus discussed issues of cooperation in the field of remote sensing of the Earth and manned cosmonautics. The plot of Nikolai Vdovin;
12:32 – the leading position in domestic and world satellite construction has been occupied by the Roscosmos enterprise, Academician Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, for decades. The story of Ninel Bayanova;
19:35 – Soyuz MS-23 arrived at Baikonur for the spring launch of the crew to the ISS;
20:11 – All-Russian youth competition of scientific and technical works “Orbit of Youth-2022”. The story of Anna Shentseva;
24:19 – guest in the studio – Igor Marinin with a review of the forthcoming October issue of the magazine “Russian Space”;
31:35 — space classes. Story by Sergei Tyurin;
33:15 – review of international news. In the studio — Alexander Baulin, editor-in-chief of the Pro Space media;
36:54 – “Dream Train” on Vostochny. The plot of Yulia Deryabina;
39:24 – the traditional review of Nikolai Vdovin “objects of the universe.”
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