Roscosmos: Representatives of the open recruitment for the 2018 Roscosmos cosmonaut corps are already actively training at the CTC as part of the assigned crews. Alexander Grebenkin underwent general space training until November 2020, after which he became a test cosmonaut and was assigned to the backup crew of the ISS-70 expedition. Today, October 21, Alexander Grebenkin took part in a manual controlled descent training. This is a mandatory test in the flight preparation program. Cosmonauts and astronauts, when returning to Earth in the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS spacecraft, experience overloads when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere. If during the descent from orbit an abnormal situation occurs and the automatic system fails, the cosmonaut must be ready to switch to a manual landing with minimal G-force and the shortest distance from the calculated touchdown point.
The test was carried out on the TS-7 simulator based on the TsF-7 centrifuge. Alexander Grebenkin successfully coped with the tasks of training in manual controlled descent in static (occurs without rotation of the centrifuge) and dynamic (overloads affect the astronaut) modes.
Colleagues of Alexander Grebenkin, Oleg Platonov and Konstantin Borisov, participants in the second open recruitment for the Roscosmos cosmonaut corps, are training with an experienced commander, cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin.